From our humble beginning of a solo healthy food store in southern California to a comprehensive dining program in universities, we keep to our mission: to serve healthy food that’s quick, delicious, and made with fresh, local ingredients. We care about the people that we serve. That’s why every meal we make is made with love.

Quality meals delivered to you. It’s what we do.

From original, unique recipes to locally sourced ingredients, Fitbites solves your craving for any food.



Our food is freshly made with locally sourced, organic ingredients. We’re always striving to do the next right thing.


Cuisine inspired by the world but sourced locally. It’s the best thing for your palette, and the planet.


We’re redefining the concept of fast food to include healthy, delicious options, custom labeled.

Collaboration with stakeholders' initiatives

Got a special request for meals, locations, or operations? We got you.


Sure, grab & go is fully self-sufficient (and healthy for your wallet), but we’re still there for you. With the best customer service around, we’ll listen to you and implement positive changes where we can.


We started as a restaurant in SoCal. Now we’re in retail stores and universities. Spot our signature salads and original sandwiches in the refrigerated section of your local grocer or campus market. You deserve fresh, healthy, delicious food wherever and whenever you need it. That’s why FitBites meets you where and when you’re hungry.


Quality materials, quality food.

At Fitbites, we believe that quick, delicious food can be kind to the planet, too. Clean food needs to come from a clean environment. That’s why each meal comes with fully sustainable packaging.

No cash, no mess.

Our business operations are paperless, only using electronic invoicing and ordering. So when you purchase a Fitbites meal, you only need to use a credit card at our point-of-sale location.

Fewer emissions, more smiles.

With strategic delivery routes and days, we reduce our carbon footprint, leaving behind less pollution and more conservation.

A Culture

Who said healthy has to be boring? With a wide variety of flavors, ingredients, and cuisine, you can taste the planet from your local southern California market. In the kitchen, we’re constantly reinventing the menu, so that what you end up eating is delicious and exciting. They’re the world’s tastiest meals, with locally sourced ingredients—the best of both worlds.

Locally Sourced

We know that you care what you are putting into your body. That’s why we have partnered with local suppliers who care about growing good, sustainable food. We believe in the quality of our ingredients and we want to share that with the world. If you have any questions about our suppliers, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to answer them!


How can we help? Our team is available to help answer delivery questions, menu inquires, and everything else!